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Why you need to visit Candylicious at VivoCity before it’s gone (UPDATED)

Candylicious at VivoCity mall in Singapore is having a removal sale with fab discounts for its candies, chocolates and cute merchandises which you'll want to grab before the store's gone.

28 October 2019 - UPDATED

Regular-priced items at Candylicious at VivoCity are now at 50% discount instead of 30% till its last day on 5 November. Some of our favourites like Ritter Sport chocolates are sold out but there are still a number of brands that we like e.g. Ghirardelli and cute Candylicious stationery still available. We saw people buying M&Ms by the cartons, so last chance to grab those yummy candies and chocs before they're all gone!

21 August 2019 - When we passed by #Candylicious at VivoCity over the weekend, we couldn’t help noticing the glaring red-and-white signs inside screaming “removal sale”. Removal means closing down right, I asked hubby. Sure sounds like it, he said. The thought of the store closing felt a little surreal, after all we are so used to seeing the colourful iconic store whenever we visit VivoCity.

So we wandered in and found signs of deals of up to 50% off. Like these for sour candies and jelly beans...

Sour candies and jelly beans

these teddy bears...

these snickers and milk way bars, and M&Ms packs...

Snickers, Milky Way and M&Ms

these Bourbon chocolate cookies...

Chocolate cookies

and these Rafaello-s.


There are also signs on shelves that state “up to 30% off” which means it could be 10% or 20% or 30%, no? So I clarified with their staff - “This one 30% off?”, “This one also 30% off?”. That was when I got it that unless the product has a specific promotion sign that says something like two for a certain price, the merchandises are all 30% off! That’s hell of a good deal! Like these chocolates...


these Harry Potter-themed goodies...

Harry Potter-themed goodies

these cute plushies...


and stationery!


And if you want to be ahead in your Christmas preparations [can't believe we're heading to the end of the year soon!], you can stock up on discounted ornaments now.

Christmas ornaments

Truth be told we’re not a frequent patron of Candylicious at VivoCity but I couldn’t help feel a little sad that it’s closing. Did you know Candylicious at Vivocity is the largest multi-brand candy store in the world? We love the Sentosa store [which will still be around but the removal sale is only at VivoCity!] and never fail to visit it whenever we’re there. The store always gives off such a happy vibe with its striking decor, and it has some really special and uncommon chocolate and candy brands that you’re quite unlikely to find off supermarket shelves.

They bring in some really good quality chocolates too. We got dark chocolates at two for $10.50 [see below] at the VivoCity store and everyone at home just loved them.


Initially we had thought the store could just be moving elsewhere but we heard its not moving elsewhere, but closing and the removal sale is while stocks last and/or till it moves out [I’m hearing by early November but let me know if I’m wrong Candylicious!]

And with Teachers’ Day coming, you might want to drop by to get some yummy and good quality [plus expensive-looking!] candies, chocolates and gifts. I’m suspecting we’d be making a few more trips to Candylicious at VivoCity for the bargains - our kids have already asked to return for these cute straw cups - before the store is sadly gone for good.

Straw cups

Find Candylicious at 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-41 VivoCity, Singapore 098585.

What other good buys did you make at Candylicious at VivoCity?

Disclaimer: We paid for our purchases, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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