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(UPDATED) 5 reasons why we love the Airzone net playground at City Square Mall

Located at City Square Mall in Singapore, Airzone offers the unique experience of a suspended indoor net playground that will excite both kids and adults.

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore

UPDATED: 7 January 2023 (Updated throughout with latest info, deleted outdated info)

We haven't visited Airzone at City Square Mall since the pandemic started, so it was really good to revisit the indoor suspended net playground before 2022 ended! This time round the girls are a few years older at 10 and 12 years fold. It took them a bit of getting used to when they just started but they soon got the hang of it and were happily bouncing about. This playground is really one older kids could enjoy as well - we saw two teenagers in our session that were having lots of fun too!

We went on a weekday morning during the December school holiday and surprisingly, it was rather quiet with only around 8 kids or so during our 1010am session. Prices have increased since our last visit and session times are different too, so I've updated these below accordingly. What doesn't change is how much the girls still love this playground!

Original post: 7 August 2019

My kids have badgered us for the longest time to let them play at Airzone, an indoor suspended net playground at City Square Mall. The playground’s been there for more than a year and we've walked by it a couple of times. Sure, it looks fun but I have always had doubts if it was something for my girls. Given that they have never been much for heights, I had a feeling they’d chicken out once they stepped onto it!

Well, I finally caved after being asked for the hundredth time and they promised they were ready for it. Once they checked in, boy did they prove me wrong as they climbed and bounded up and down the different levels fearlessly. I guess sometimes our kids do know better than us!

It was great watching our kids thoroughly enjoying themselves with no hint of fear. Here's why we now absolutely love Airzone (and why you and your kiddos will too!).

1) The thrill of being suspended mid-air in a shopping mall

Did you know Airzone is the world’s first suspended net playground in a shopping mall atrium? According to Airzone, there are over 100 net playgrounds around the world but they are exclusively outdoors. So having been on Airzone, you'd have the bragging rights of being on a world first! Ha!

Given the sweltering heat in Singapore right now, I might have second thoughts if this was outdoors, but it isn't and we're thankful we could enjoy the playground in the cool surroundings.

There are three main levels of play at Airzone excluding the check in level at level two - where you’ll need to climb up to level three to play - and level six, which you can climb up but all you can do is slide down from there to level five.

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore
Three levels of fun!

While you could clearly see through the gaps in the nets, it didn't daunt our kids at all. I asked them if their knees were wobbly and they confidently said "No!”. I think mine would have turned jelly. *squeak*

2) You can climb through a 3D-maze

On the fifth level is a 3D net maze with two layers of net that requires a lot of crawling to get through. This is our kids’ favourite feature at Airzone but they did remark that after all the climbing, it felt rather hot!

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore
Making their way through the maze

3) You can 'swim' in a ball pit

On the third level is a huge ball pit, another of our kids’ favourite, where they could gleefully dive into and 'swim' in it.

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore

4) Other fun features

There are other fun features at Airzone including two giant inflatable balls which many kids had fun pushing and head-butting them around...

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore
Giant inflatable balls

and another two ‘wrecking’ balls where they could sit and swing on.

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore

To get down to the level below, you need to slide down the blue slides on the sides which our kids said were fast but not too scary. In fact this was another highlight for them such that they were climbing up, running across the net and then sliding down the slides again.

5) It promises a good work-out

Rather than treating the nets as a giant hammock and lazing in them, chances are your kids will be bouncing from one feature to another working out quite a sweat.

The process of climbing to the top level is equivalent to climbing more than four flights of stairs, according to Airzone. The soft bouncy nets is not easy to walk on such that both your thighs and calves will get a good workout, while running on them is almost like doing continuous lunges, it said. No wonder our girls worked out quite an appetite for lunch and zonked right out at bedtime!

Airzone net playground at City Square Mall in Singapore

Yup, we’ll definitely be returning for this one!

Bonus tips for your trip:

i) Standard tickets are at $27 per one-hour session on Airzone's website. - the sessions go hourly with the first starting from 1010am and the last at 730pm on weekdays and 840pm during weekends/school holidays/public holidays. A four-session pass is available at $80 and eight-session pass at $150. You can purchase tickets at the door but booking online ahead on Airzone's website will secure your spot - only a maximum of 60 is allowed on Airzone at one time (this info was accurate when I first wrote the post in 2019 but I'm unable to confirm this is still the case in the update. That said, the operator also advises booking ahead due to capacity limits).

We bought our tickets from Klook at $24.25 per pax. Klook tickets are open-dated and valid for 30 days from the booking confirmation date. But do note that it is only valid on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, School Holidays and not valid on Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays and excluding School Holidays. The Klook ticket also does not confirm a spot when you turn up at the venue as it does not let you book a timing or date.

ii) Children below 5 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult, who will require a separate ticket, into Airzone. Children between 5 to 6 years old must be supervised by an adult in the immediate vicinity (outside Airzone)

iii) If like us you're not much for crowds, try going early. We were there at 1010am on a Tuesday during the December school holiday and there were only 8 kids or so. We definitely saw more kids in the afternoon when we passed by the venue later on.

iv) Belongings like bag and water bottles can be left at shelves at the check-in area at Airzone. Lockers are available if you have valuables in your bag.

v) Read the comprehensive FAQ on Airzone’s website before heading down which will tell you things like the appropriate footwear (secured closed toe shoes recommended), no re-entry is allowed (pee before you go!) or if you just need assurance on safety (the nets are strong enough to hold two fully laden Singapore passenger buses!).

Find Airzone Singapore at Level 2 at the north atrium of City Square Mall at 180 Kitchener Road.

Disclaimer: We paid for our visit, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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