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Is virtual reality theme park HeadRock VR at Sentosa for your kid?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

HeadRock VR, at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore boasts of eleven virtual reality attractions that will thrill your senses.

Virtual reality theme park, HeadRock VR, opened at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore late last year and I remembered being really excited when I read about it. Fancy water rafting, sled riding and going on a roller coaster ride all in one air-conditioned location!

It sounded like a load of fun for adults but I wasn't sure if it was something young children would enjoy, especially since both my girls, Big E, at eight, and Little E, at six, have low fear thresholds. Nonetheless, since we were recently at Sentosa for a staycation, we made a trip to #headrockvrsg.

Given that its called a #virtualreality theme park, you might be expecting something huge and grand [because I think Universal Studios or Legoland when I think theme park] but it’s really not that big. Don't let that underwhelm you though, HeadRock VR houses eleven VR rides and is considered one of the biggest VR attraction in Southeast Asia.

The rides

The eleven rides at HeadRock VR are grouped into three zones – Green, Orange and Blue. There are three attractions in the green zone and four each in the orange and blue zones.

Green zone - Robin Hood

Robin Hood lets you try your hands at archery using a VR target. Your scores for each shot is recorded and totaled at the end of the game, so you can have a competition among your group. A VR headset is not required for this.

Big E is Robin Hood

But note that this is only for eight years and above, so Little E was rather disappointed she couldn't go for it. The age limit is so because the bow is rather heavy. Big E felt it was very heavy indeed and she said she couldn't shoot well because her arms felt strained after a while. As an adult, I found my arm a little achy by the time I reached my last few arrows too.

Green zone- Zombie Busters

Hubby and I busting zombies

This is a one- or two-player game where you try to stay alive by shooting at approaching zombies. The game gets more difficult through the levels as there are more harder-to-kill zombies as you progress. Though the zombies were quite cartoon-ish and not scary at all, only my hubby and I went for it as both my girls weren't much for scary creatures like ghosts and zombies.

We found it quite fun despite the not-very-scary zombies. The guns were a little heavy though and you'll need to hold it for about ten minutes for the game, okay for adults but little hands might get tired soon.

Green zone - VR Room

This is a one-player game which lets you get the hang of motion controls via shooting games. It looked to be very mild and is suitable for younger kids, but given that we had limited green zone tickets [see Tickets below], we opted for Zombie Busters instead which looked to be more fun.

Orange zone - Jungle Rafting

Happy rafters

This ride takes you rafting in a jungle among stampeding dinosaurs. We liked this one as we could all go at the same time, and the descents and maneuverings were pretty thrilling. Big E and Little E found this exciting and not too daunting too.

Orange zone - Skyscraper

This is a game where you blast robot enemies while riding an elevator to the top of a skyscraper, then tread across a narrow bridge to defuse a bomb. The thrill of this ride is in the latter which is likely to get you weak in the knees. If you have kids who are afraid of heights, like mine, they might want to skip this. But when we were there during the school holidays, a few kids that looked to be eight till twelve years old had a good time on it.

Orange zone - Extreme Train

This ride simulates a shaky roller-coaster ride among dinosaurs which you can sit in a group as well.

Orange zone - Horror Room

In this one, you have to escape from a haunted house or battle witches and zombies. Needless to say, our kids didn’t try this of course but some of the tweens there gamely went for it. No pic for this as you have to enter a room for this, that's why the name [Duh!].

Blue zone - Storm Blizzard

Getting ready in our sled

This ride takes you through a blizzard among snowy mountains in a dog-pulled sled, amidst chilly air-con settings in the room. The girls and I needed our cardigans for this! There’s a shawl for every rider but it was only enough for covering our legs.

Big E and Little E really liked this one for its novelty and the simulation of falling into ravines and almost tumbling over cliff edges. Hubby and I found it entertaining too with the low temperature heightening the fun of the ride.

Blue zone - Jump Jump

This is a ride where you sit on a swing-like device then jump your way through a jungle like Tarzan. A number of kids who looked to be eight till 12 did seem to enjoy it.

Blue zone - Flying Dive

This is one where you’re dangled over and can feel the rush of being dropped into a volcano pit. Only for those ten and above.

Blue zone - Beat Saber

This one, you use hand-held controls as sabers to slash at blocks flying at you to the rhythm of music.

By the way, if you're wondering about the masks we have on our faces in some of the pics, they come with your tickets at the ticketing counter. You wear them before putting on the headset for hygiene purposes. Pretty good idea!

The age group

To enjoy the rides at HeadRock VR, you need to be at least six years and above, and below 65 years old. On hindsight, I think slightly older children from eight or nine onwards or even those in their tweens would be able to fully appreciate its suite of attractions.

As you can see, we didn’t try out all the attractions as they were either not suitable for my children, had age limits or my kids weren't interested in them. But the girls did want to go again on the group rides like Storm Blizzard, Jungle Rafting and Extreme Trains. If you have more gutsy kids, they’d probably be able to try out more rides. But that said, the few rides we went on were enough to amuse our kids for one morning.

The tickets

Standard tickets are available at $12-15 per ride depending on the ride zones. Tickets for the Green zone is the cheapest, followed by Orange, then Blue. But it’s more worthwhile to purchase package tickets.

For the Big 3 package at $35 per person, you get to choose one ride each from each zone. The Big 5 package at $50 lets you choose from 1 green, 2 orange or 2 blue, while the Big 7 at $65 lets you choose from 2 green, 2 blue and 3 orange ride.

It can get a bit costly if you buy tickets for a whole family, so look out for promotions, like the promotion HeadRock VR currently has now till 31 August 2019, which gives you a 30% discount for those aged 6-18, 15% for individuals and 30% for three pax or more. You can get the discounts at their ticketing counter at the door.

Photo: HeadRock VR

Another ongoing promotion is that from Safra available till 31 July 2019. If you’re a Safra member, you can get 20% off for individuals and 35% off for 3 pax or more.

Find Headrock VR at 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-38/29 Singapore 098138, between Malaysian Food Street and Trick Eye Museum. Contact them at +65 6963 4609.

Been to HeadRock VR? Which is your favourite ride?

Disclaimer: We paid for our own tickets, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.


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