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Turbulence, the 3rd book of My BFF Is an Alien, is now out!

Turbulence, the third book of the My BFF Is an Alien series, is officially out!

I was at Epigram Books earlier this week to sign pre-order copies of #MyBFFIsAnAlien Turbulence! I believe some of you have received your copies soon after! That's how fast the team at Epigram Books works 😁

There were quite a number of autographs to personalise this time round and I hope I got it all correct 😅 First time feeling stressed when autographing but it's all worthwhile when you know it'll put smiles on readers' faces 😊.

Thank you to all of you who had messaged me and shared your pics of Turbulence on your social media. They truly made my day!

Turbulence, the 3rd book of the My BFF Is an Alien series, is now available for purchase at Epigram Books and Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop! It should reach other leading bookstores very soon - I believe it has already landed at Kinokuniya (according to a pic I spy from my friend, Hwee Goh's IGS! 😁) and its online store, and BooksActually !

I heard some mummies are keeping the book from their kids till their kids finish their SA1 and weight assessments. Indeed, it'll make for great post-exam/WA reading 😁.

Meanwhile, here's a publicity pic I took at Epigram Books with my three babies. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 😉

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Photo: Epigram Books

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