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Top five happenings with My BFF is an Alien!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Here's what I have been busy with and the top five happenings with My BFF is an Alien!

"Circuit breaker" measures have started off in Singapore a few days ago, which means that non-essential shops and services like bookshops and libraries have closed (though some may argue that books are essentials to them!). It's tough for local artistes and businesses who won't be able to sell our books or hold any launch events. But such measures are needed right now to curb the virus outbreak, so let's all play our part by staying home and being civil-minded and vigilant with hygiene, so we can all come out of this soon.

That said, our book marketing continues and I'm finding myself busy with online marketing more than ever (I'm thankful for social media especially at times like these!). So, here's what I've been busy with and also the top five happenings with My BFF is an Alien.

1) My BFF is an Alien is in ST Life's 6 Reads for April!

My BFF is an Alien is in The Straits Times Life's 6 Reads for April! I feel very honoured to have my book featured alongside the other five fabulous reads in the 7 April write-up. Thank you The Straits Times and Olivia Ho 🥰

2) My BFF is an Alien is number ten on Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop's March top ten bestseller list!

Thank you everyone for your support - be it through your purchases, reviews or recommendations of the book to your friends and kids - I am truly grateful 💕

3) I'm on The No Bull Channel!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to read an excerpt from my book on The No Bull Channel!

Here on the channel, you'll also be able to find great book recommendations and reviews, including the latest #Singlit available in the market. I absolutely love how great a presenter June is! 😊

4) Book review from reviews My BFF is an Alien! Here's an excerpt:

"Vivian Teo has a firm grasp over making slice of life stories relatable and accessible to younger readers, and introduces just enough sci-fi elements to still feel fresh. Coupled with the whimsical illustrations by Ng Min Min, My BFF Is An Alien is a simple but fun read, its final chapter especially powerful in its ability to evoke what it feels like to miss your best friend." 💕

Thank you for your kind words Bakchormeeboy! Read the entire review here.

5) My BFF is an Alien on Kidlit SEA

Thank you KidLit SEA for the shout-out for My BFF is an Alien! Do check out Kidlit SEA's FB page for more recommendations of children's titles by authors in Southeast Asia. Though some of our names may not be as big as our western counterparts, I truly believe we have a very talented pool of writers here in SEA and their work are just waiting to be discovered!

And that's a wrap! Watch this space. More exciting stuff coming up!

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.

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