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  • Vivian Teo

READ & REVIEWED: The Earth Experiment by Hwee Goh

With succinct writing and humourous illustrations, The Earth Experiment makes an engaging and informative read on the pressing issue of climate change.

I'm a huge fan of Hwee Goh and David Liew's Change Maker series, having read the first book (Invisible Enemies) on the current pandemic and second (Railroads to Superhighways) on the evolution of communications. The Earth Experiment, the newly released third book of the series, cannot be a more timely read with climate change being one of the most pressing issues of our times.

The series is suitable for children 8 years and up but I think adults would find it engaging as well. I appreciate how this series conveys important issues succintly and accurately, with easy-to-understand writing and humourous illustrations. On The Earth Experiment, my 8-year-old, Little E, says, "The illustrations are very cute and funny. There are many interesting facts in there. I did not know that countries with abundant land bury their incinerated waste in landfills, but space is running out. From this, I learn that we should recycle and not buy things unnecessarily so we do not generate so much waste."

The message in The Earth Experiment is clear and urgent. As the author says, we need to build our own circle of impact and create a butterfly effect on climate change.

Hwee and David are having The Earth Experiment storytelling and craft session on 19 Jun 2021 (Sat), 2-245pm. See Hwee's IG post for more details and on how to register for it!

Disclaimer: We paid for our book, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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