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How becoming a SAHM led to my first children’s novel (published on The New Age Parents)

If you had read my interview on Epigram Books' blog, you'd know that 'My BFF is an Alien' came about because I had started with a goal of writing a children's book. This is the story behind that goal, and it's one for both the SAHMs and FTWMs.

Truth be told, being an author was never one of my childhood dreams. I remember when I was in my 20s, after reading a crime thriller packed with twists and turns, I thought, “I’ll never become an author! Thinking and writing a plot like this is too hard!”

But little did I know, 20 years later, the first book of my middle-grade series – My BFF is An Alien – will debut in March 2020 and it was all because I became a mum.

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