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  • Vivian Teo

READ & REVIEWED: Princess Incognito by Neil Humphreys

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

A hilarious middle-grade series about a princess who has to keep her identity a secret after being exiled to a dull working-class town.

So glad my kids got these autographed copies of Princess Incognito during Neil Humphreys' assembly talk at their school (way before circuit breaker measures kicked it!). Finally got to reading these middle grade books with my kids and what a blast we had!

Princess Sabrina is sent away from her family - the king and queen of Mulakating - to a dull, working-class town because of political strife in her country. Under the guardianship of her Uncle Ernie, Sabrina has to learn to be a normal student while keeping her blue-blooded identity a secret. Alas, the odds are stacked against her. In the first book, she comes under the radar of the school bully. In the second, her class visits a museum which has an exhibition on Sabrina's family, and what follows is a madcap bid to prevent her class from seeing a life-size waxwork of herself in the museum.

In true Neil Humphreys style, both books are hilarious. We had so many LOL moments reading them together and after finishing them, my girls would revisit the books to read the funny bits. My youngest who will turn eight this year is able to read and understand the books on her own while the storyline with its humour and adventure is something everyone in the family can appreciate. I also love Sabrina's voice, what with her brave feminist yet occasional pampered princess point of views, and her internal struggles to keep up with her white lies.

I've been a fan of Neil Humphreys' writing for the longest time. I still have the omnibus edition of his Complete Notes of Singapore from more than 10 years ago (Aside: Asked my kids to bring it to school for an autograph but they said too heavy 😑) and feels like I have come full circle now that my kids are reading his books. We absolutely can't wait to read the next Princess Incognito book (Please don't let us wait too long? 😆)!

Disclaimer: We paid for our books, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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