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8 fun things to check out with your kids at the new NTUC FairPrice hypermarket at VivoCity

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The refreshing retail concept of and unique products at the new NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at VivoCity in Singapore make for a fun grocery-shopping experience for both kids and adults.

The NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at VivoCity officially opened this August. There’s been lots of hype about the hypermarket [pun unintended!] - it is after all the largest FairPrice supermarket covering 90,000 square feet spread over two floors and its retail concept is refreshing with its own dining area, an indoor farm and self-serve stations, one of which will let you make your own butter.

The sprawling size aside, it isn’t like any hypermarkets. It has quite a number of unique products and features that kids would find interesting, which means they are unlikely to grumble when they are made to tag along with daddy and mummy during grocery shopping! We found eight things in fact, which is plenty to go around.

1) Cute Singapore food and Singapore-themed plushies

Located on the first floor at the corner that sells local favourites are these huge but cute Singapore food plushies ($29.90 each)…

Big plushies

and coin pouches that come in kuehs, rambutans and biscuits ($10.90 each) that look good enough to eat!

Coin pouches

There are also these Mickey Mouse/Disney-themed plush toys that come in a variety of kuehs and pastries ($10.90 each)...

Small kueh and pastry plush toys

Mickey and Minnie hawkers ($21.90 each)...

Mickey and Minnie plush toys

and these very local style cushions ($10 each).

Mickey Mouse cushions

2) Uniquely Singapore memorabilia

Unique Singapore memorabilia like these recipe plates ($16.90 each) can also be found on level one...

and these nanoblocks of attractions in Singapore and round the world ($27.90 each).


And get a photo op with the kids at this trishaw carrying local goodies while you're in the area!


3) Traditional snackies

Local food and snacks are available for sale here like these traditional biscuits and snacks like alphabet and ear biscuits ($1.90 each). Get ready for your kids (and yourself probably) to grab a few packs of these!

Traditional snacks and biscuits

4) The castle play area

Play area

Located on the first floor is a castle play area for three to nine-year-olds and a nursing room as well. The playground is a tad small and was unfortunately closed the day we were there, but it still makes a nice addition to the hypermarket.

5) The indoor-farm

Indoor farming

There is an indoor-farm on the basement level of the hypermarket which is a great opportunity to let your kids see and learn about hydroponics. Here, you can see vegetables that are freshly grown in-store using hydroponic farming and an automatic water pumping system.

Hydroponics farming

Reading the signs, my kids informed me the crops are grown with Comcrop, Singapore’s first urban rooftop farming firm. You learn something new everyday, don't you?

6) The self-serve corners

There are a few self-serve stations at the basement where you can purchase organic seeds, dried fruits and spices.

Dried fruits self-serve station

You can also grind almonds and make your own butter on the spot at $10 a jar.

Make your own nut butter

Our kids were asking us if we need any of these, hoping we'd say yes and they could help with it. That would have made a very interactive grocery-shopping experience!

7) The dining area

When the kiddos get tired of shopping, they can sit down and have a bite at the dining area in the basement. FairPrice Xtra offers food preparation service meaning you could choose your own produce then have them sliced, marinated and/or grilled to eat on-the-go. How's that for freshness?

Dining area

Otherwise, you could also purchase cooked items from the menu, like pulled pork sandwich ($9.90), beef meatball tomato linguine ($10.90), pork sausages ($9.90), beef steak ($18.50), truffle fries ($6), or get ready-to-eat items from the supermarket like its good range of sushi and dine in. Adults can also enjoy archipelago beer served via reverse tapping!


8) The claw game area

There is also a claw game area within the store after the check-out counters which looked really popular the Saturday we were there. Depending on how you feel about claw machines, you might either want to steer your kids away from or towards their direction.

Claw game machines

Been to the new NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at VivoCity yet? How did you like your shopping experience?

Find NTUC FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at 1 Harbourfront Walk, B2-23 VivoCity, Singapore 098585. Opening hours 8am-11pm daily.

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