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  • Vivian Teo

READ & REVIEWED: 闹闹Nao Nao Comics Village

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Suitable for primary school kids, Nao Nao Comics Village is a hilarious yet relatable comic series centred on the life of the funny yet sometimes exasperating Nao Nao.

If you're fans of the 闹闹 Nao Nao series, you would be glad to know that the second book of Nao Nao Comics Village is out! Chanced upon it at Popular yesterday!

My girls and I are huge fans of the Nao Nao stories. We own all of its storybooks (swipe to see) and the Nao Nao Comics series (there are 3 comic series - Nao Nao Comic, Nao Nao Comics Street and the latest Nao Nao Comics Village. We didn't buy the second as the stories are the comic versions of the storybooks).

Nao Nao and friends' antics are very funny, and the topics touched on - like CCAs, exams, mobile phone usage, gaming and quarrels between friends - are very relatable to primary school-going kids.

The 13 storybooks are divided by levels - 5 are suitable for P1-2, 5 for P3-4 and 3 for P5-6. The themes become more mature and words harder as Nao Nao grows along with each level of the books. We were rather disappointed when the storybooks ended at the 13th book. But then came the comics and we've been patiently waiting for the comics with new storylines. I love that the Chinese used in the books are written for kids in Singapore, which makes it easier to understand as compared to some of the rather 'cheem' Chinese books from China.

This series is really the only Chinese book series my kids are reading. Honestly, they prefer English books (I can read Chinese but I, too, find that Chinese characters take more effort to read compared to English words) but this is one series they look forward to and would pick up to read on their own (My 10 year-old is able to read most of the words in the comics). If you have reluctant Chinese book readers at home, I highly recommend reading the storybooks with your kids first to pique their interest. Chances are they'll be asking for more, then move on to the comics.

Ok, super long post as we really love this series and getting a new title from this series is like a momentous day for us 😁! @mceducation any chance of continuing the storybooks? 😅

Disclaimer: I purchased these books, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

©Vivian Teo. All content and photos are copyrighted to Vivian Teo unless otherwise specified.



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