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We're in The Sunday Times!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Check out these great reads including My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage as recommended by Singapore's The Sunday Times for this school holiday!

Photo: The Sunday Times

We are in today's Life in The Sunday Times! We were elated to see my interview and the lovely shots of us in print on Sunday morning 🥰. We're used to reading and seeing digital news/books/photos these days, so seeing my words and photos in print feels like a rarity and it always bring about a whole different feeling. And indeed, #MyBFFIsAnAlien and its sequel Sabotage published by Epigram Books will make a great read this school holiday!

Do check out the featured wonderful middle-grade and YA reads by A.J. Low, Melanie Lee, Neil Humphreys and Simon Chesterman too! We can always do with more books; my kids have already finished quite a few of those I had bought for the holidays 😅

Thank you Straits Times, Olivia Ho and Lim Yao Hui ! What an amazing job you guys do for Singlit ❤

Photo: The Sunday Times

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