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My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage now at leading Singapore bookstores!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Here's where to get the book, a sneak peak of the sequel and a book trailer!

Sabotage at Popular NEX

Sabotage, the second book of the My BFF is an Alien series is now out at leading Singapore bookstores! Other than from Epigram Books and Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop, you can now also get the book from Popular, Kinokuniya and Times bookstores!

Here they are at Popular Marine Parade...

My BFF is an Alien at Popular Marine Parade

...and Times at Plaza Singapura (and loads more elsewhere which I'd burst the storage plan for my website if I share every pic and vide here hehe).

Sabotage at Times Plaza Singapura

Thank you to my friends who have been sending me pics of my books from the various bookstores which I've posted on my social media. I think you all know I don't go out a lot 😁.

My publisher, Epigram Books, did up an interview which gives a sneak and some behind-the-scenes of Sabotage. Here's an excerpt:

"What was the inspiration behind this book?

As a mother of two primary-school going children, I’ve always been interested in parenting issues and challenges that children face, like bullying, social media usage and gender stereotypes. So the inspiration of My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage really came from that. In this book, we actually see how the two lead characters deal with a situation where a video which they don’t want the world to see is on the Internet. What the two girls face in this second book of the series is very relevant to children, especially now with YouTube and TikTok where you have children filming themselves dancing and doing challenges, and becoming TikTok or YouTube stars."

Here's the link to the full write-up, if you'd like to read it. Read here.

And here's a simple book trailer I did up using Wix, my website builder, for fun. It's a simple one and really easy to do. I think anything more complicated is beyond me give the tech idiot I am 😋

Ok, so now you have it! My BFF is an Alien: Sabotage is out at leading bookstores! Go get a copy of this exciting sequel soon! 😁

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