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4 new attractions to check out at the Mall of Medini when visiting Legoland Malaysia

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The Mall of Medini near Legoland Malaysia recently saw the addition of new attractions like virtual reality Centre, VRinity, and premium grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, which upped the attractiveness of the vicinity for families visiting the Legoland theme park.

We were pleasantly surprised in our recent visit to Legoland Malaysia to find new interesting additions to the Mall of Medini near the theme park. The mall used to be a sleepy stretch of restaurants and convenience stores but now it has Ben’s Independent Grocer, a supermarket/dining venue and VRinity, a VR centre – both opened late this year!

The mall isn’t exactly the size of KSL City Mall or Komtar JBCC, but the spruced-up venue which you’re sure to see when visiting Legoland theme park and/or staying at Legoland Hotel has definitely upped the attractiveness of the vicinity.

Here are four new places to check out at Medini Mall during your Legoland Malaysia visit.


VRinity at Medini Mall

Just opened in September this year, VRinity is a virtual reality amusement centre hosting eight attractions which include six games in its VR Sports and 12 arcade games in its VR room attractions.

VRinity at Medini Mall

While our girls, age seven and nine, had enjoyed the more family-oriented rides at virtual reality centre, HeadRock VR in Sentosa in Singapore, they weren't as interested in the games at VRinity - they are not really fans of shooting and racing games. But games like Special Forces, a shooting game...

Special Forces

...and Tobot VR, a robot racing game, were popular with visitors there.

Tobot VR

Charges are by per game...

...but it also has all-you-can-play packages in a special promo still available when we were visiting in November, which are pretty good deals.

If your kids like VR games, the prices here are pretty reasonable compared to VR amusement centres in Singapore due to the exchange rate difference.

VRinity is opened 10am-10pm daily.

Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G)

Ben's Independent Grocer at Medini Mall

Premium grocery chain, Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G) in Malaysia opened an outlet at Medini Mall in October this year. Other than groceries, the outlet also comes with its own dining area, which increased the choices of dining venues in the area.

We toured round the supermarket, which is relatively large, to see if the prices of the groceries are cheaper than in Singapore. We noticed the imported products are priced at about the same as in Singapore after factoring in exchange rate difference but the locally-made products like Nescafe and Milo are definitely cheaper than purchasing in Singapore.

And look what we found in the supermarket. A cute little playground to entertain the kids while you're shopping!

Ben's Independent Grocer at Medini Mall

If you’re staying in the vicinity during your trip, B.I.G is an added convenience if you want to purchase some snacks and/or daily necessities.

B.I.G is opened daily 830am-10pm.


Medini Mall playground

There are new playgrounds at the mall now, which make for great photo ops too!

Medini Mall playground

Here's one suitable for younger ones.

Medini Mall playground

And one more in Legoland colours.

Medini Mall playground

The above slide is pretty tall for small ones, so you might want to look out for the younger kiddos.

Funkie Zone claw machine place

Claw machines at Medini Mall

There is also a small claw machine centre at the mall now. How long has it been there we can't be sure, didn't see it the last we were there, so it's new to us! One token costs RM1. The games with bigger plushies (like the one you see in pic above) require two tokens, and the small ones, one token. Well, given the SGD-ringgit exchange rate, it’s definitely cheaper to play here compared to Singapore.

The stretch of restaurants at the mall are relatively unchanged with eateries like KFC, Burger King, Absolute Thai, Subway, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, Secret Recipe and The Chicken Rice Shop. A Starbucks has also recently opened at the mall. Occasional events take place at the mall too – most recently a street circus and fitness events. So things do seem to be livening up at Medini Mall!

Oh, btw we found these at the Newsner news agent at Medini Mall, supposedly only available at Newsner.

Coffee plus coke, now that sounds like a potent mix!

Find the Mall of Medini at 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

Disclaimer: We paid for all our purchases, and the opinions expressed here are strictly my family's and my own.

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