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Kirby Petit Cafe has opened in Osaka! Here are tips on how you can get a reservation

Kirby fans will love the cute Kirby-themed cakes at Kirby Petit Cafe in Osaka, Japan but you'll need reservations to buy them!

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

The Kirby Petit Cafe in Osaka, Japan recently opened in April! I was super excited to see pictures of their cute Kirby-themed cakes and since my girls love Kirby, we had to drop by during our Osaka trip in June.

Though it says cafe, it's really a store that sells Kirby products, and cakes and desserts for takeaway. The store is rather small and the products quite limited, but it is still something that's nice to see for Kirby fans.

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

You can see the range of cakes and products, and their prices at the Kirby Petit Cafe's website - they are all clearly listed there. Cake prices range from 730 yen-1,450 yen. But do note that not everything will be available when you're there. The Kirby car cake is really cute and we would have loved to get that but we didn't see it when we were there at around 1pm. I guess it was probably sold out by then. So, I suppose if you have any must-buy cakes, then try to go earlier!

Anyhoo, we got the Kirby and Waddle Dee Tiramisu in the end at 1,450 yen each. It's not cheap for a small cup but at least you can keep the cup as a memorabilia!

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

As with all popular places in Japan, you need to make reservations for a timeslot to enter their store to purchase from the cake and takeout menus. You do not need to make reservations if you don't intend to buy their cakes during 11am-4pm - this is the timing they require you to make reservations if you want to buy cakes. Outside of this timing, you can enter the store without reservation to buy cakes but there is the risk the cakes could be sold out by then.

Also, you do not need to make reservations to enter the store if you don't intend to buy from the cake and takeout menu, like if you just want to browse/buy the non-cake products. If so, you can just go directly to the store. But your entry will be subjected to store capacity and ticket holders have priority to enter the store.

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

Do follow the instructions on Kirby Petit Cafe's website on how to book tickets but generally, ticket reservation opens at 1800 (Japan time) every Monday for visits in the following (or next) week. Through the link on the website, you'll be directed to a livepocket website to book the free tickets.

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

Some tips on booking:

1) You'll need to sign up for a free livepocket membership in order to book tickets. So you might want to get this done before reservations open so you don't waste time doing this in case you're looking to book a popular timeslot.

2) The tickets don't get taken up as fast as reservations for Pokemon Cafe but the earliest timeslot of 11am does seem to be very popular, so if you want to visit when the store just opens, move fast when reservation opens!

3) You're only able to book one ticket per livepocket membership. But one ticket can allow up to 2 adults and 2 children to enter. The website is not very clear if children includes those at 12 years old or only refers to those below 12 years old. But anyway, I didn't book a ticket for Big E who is already 12 years old and the store doesn't check your ID. So I guess if you kid still looks to be around 11 years or so, you won't need to get a separate ticket for him/her. But if you have three adults or more than five in your group, one person will need to book another ticket with a different livepocket membership (just set up another membership with a different email address!).

Kirby Petit Cafe Osaka Japan

BTW, if you want to eat your cake on the go, remember to purchase a disposable spoon at the store as well. We didn't think to buy spoons and had a hard time finding disposable spoons at the nearby food halls to eat our tiramisu (they don't leave them out like you see at foodcourts in Singapore)!

Kirby Petit Cafe is located near Tennoji Station at Tennoji Mio on the 6th floor. Opening hours are at 11am-9pm.

More Japan posts will be coming up soon! Do look out for them and in the meantime, head to my Instagram account at 'vivianteowriter' to check out our Osaka IGS highlights and posts!

Disclaimer: We paid for our purchases, and my opinions and reviews here are strictly my and my family’s own.

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